Rock Salt

What we know as regular table salt is considered toxic to your body, hence the warnings about dehydration, a condition which kills the cells that become effected.
It is also processed at a whopping 1200 degrees effectively neutralizing any mineral content it once had.  And finally there are additives.  Anti-caking compounds which have been linked to heart disease, (fluoride may also be present).
But never fear!  There is a very easy to find alternative!  In fact it’s probably right there on the shelf at the grocery store next to the Morton’s!  Try Pink Himalayan Rock Salt for the following reasons.  Due to the minimal processing it contains 84 essential minerals which are required by the human body.  It is a good source of magnesium, in which 80% of all individuals are deficient. It promotes a healthy ph balance of the cells, helps regulate blood sugar levels and the bodies natural sleep cycle.

If you choose you can also use natural sea salts (from a natural food store not Morton’s which will be highly processed just like their normal selection).  With sea salt it will look wet, and not flow through your shaker, but is a good healthy choice nonetheless.  The greyest it’s appearance the better.

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