Gallstone removal

You have heard about gallstones, they can become quite problematic, but did you know that you have them plinking around inside you right now?  Anyone with a pulse has them, EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY HAD YOUR GALL BLADDER REMOVED.
Gall stones are caused when a bit of organic debris finds itself in the miles of biliary passageways in the liver, bacteria attacks the organic matter and then bile salts encase the matter creating a small stone, it grows in size as bile salts continue to flow over it, and eventually it falls into the gall bladder.  We all have a certain amount of these tiny stones in our gall bladder at any given time, normally they are released a few at a time and we never even know that they were there!  Due to many factors that can disrupt our digestive processes however, sometimes these stones hang around a bit too long, get a bit too big and can really cause us some distress.  
It is for exactly this reason that we should adopt a pro-active attitude and condition and cleanse our liver and gall bladder every six months or so.

Here is a simple cleanse that I have found very useful myself in releasing stones over the years.
I am not a doctor. I am not qualified to diagnose gall bladder disease.
If you have acute pain in the area of your liver and or gall bladder you should consult a qualified physician before attempting this treatment plan.
Having said that, the aim of this treatment is to first deplete the liver and gall bladder of all oils, so that the system comes to a resting state, then to run a slightly excessive amount of pure high quality oil through the system as a flush.  The oil will not cause weight gain or harm to the blood vessels, heart etc., rather it will have a cleansing and conditioning effect on the liver and the gall bladder will flush much of it’s accumulated debris when the proper steps are taken in the order given here.
3 bottles of magnesium citrate
3 gal organic cloudy apple juice or cider (other juices and liquids are allowed as seen below.)
1 organic lemon

1 organic grapefruit

1/2 cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (Pompeian Oil is a suggested brand)
1 TBS Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (optional)
***organic fruits are always suggested but if they are not available do not let this deter you from completing this cleanse.
For the three days prior to cleansing you will eat very lightly, and intake zero fats.
Fresh salad with only lemon juice and spices used for dressing is good for filling up.
This with the apple juice will keep you feeling satisfied.
You may have apple juice, pineapple juice, pear juice, camomile tea and water.  It is very important to hydrate so make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day along with up to 1 gal. Of juice per day!
The juices listed here are all rich in malic acid which will work to soften the stones prior to your cleanse.
It is important to keep your diet void of fats during these three days.  No oils, butter or milk fats, nuts, or fatty meats should be ingested at this time. This is CRITICAL to the success of your cleanse.
Stop intake of solid foods at 2 pm on the third day of your cleanse.  You may continue to drink juice until 5p.
6p drink one half bottle of magnesium citrate.  This is a laxative and will clear your colon of any undigested foods creating a clear path for the stones tomorrow morning.
8p drink second half of first bottle of magnesium citrate.  At this point only fluid should be passing from the bowl, you may sip water to stay hydrated but do not take large amounts as stomach cramping may occur.
10p drink 1/2 of the second bottle of magnesium citrate.  The amount and frequency of the magnesium citrate is desirable to relax the common bile duct opening a pathway for stones to be purged.
10:30p get ready for bed, perform any chores, brush your teeth, and prepare your cleanse mixture as follows. Once you drink the cleanse mixture you MUST lie down immediately!   
In a glass squeeze the fresh juice of 1 grapefruit, 1 lemon, and add 1/2 cup cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. (1TBS of Braggs apple Cider Vinegar may be added if desired).
As bad as this mixture may sound it really doesn’t taste all that bad!! 
Stir the mixture as you drink it down, a large straw works very well for this purpose.
Put the glass down and go straight to your bed. Lie down on your RIGHT SIDE with your knees drawn up toward your chest for 30min to an hour.  It is not suggested to rise from bed for at least 4 hours.
You may feel a slight nausea as you lie down but this should pass,  you should awaken at your normal time in the morning feeling rested.
WHEN YOU WAKE, drink the second half of the second bottle of magnesium citrate.  You will feel normal, after a bit of movement you will feel a natural urge to use the restroom.  At this time you will expel waste.  There may be a yellowish paste that floats on the surface of the water, this is the oil that you ingested, it should be accompanied by stone matter.  There is no real “normal” look for stones…  They come in a range of sizes, and colors.  White or beige stones, yellow brown stones, bright green stones, or greenish brown stones.  They may be the size of the head of a pin or larger than a pea!  You won’t even feel these pass… I have seen stones pass that were as large as the persons thumb, these did not pass painlessly and should be seen as a clear indication that some nutritional advice may be needed and certainly more cleansing.  No matter the size of the stones if you are an adult who has never cleansed your gall bladder before you could have as many as 2000 small stones inside… Remember they are not all in the gall bladder!  So it’s a good idea to count approximate stones and cleanse 3 or 4 times 2 to 3 weeks apart when first getting caught up.
You are probably wondering what the third bottle of citrate is for…
In the unlikely event of your nausea becoming sever during the night… And escalating to the point where you cast up your oil mixture here is what to do…  If you vomit before 4 hrs have passed after drinking your oil mixture you will drink another half bottle of magnesium citrate wait 15 min. before preparing a second dose of the oil mixture and returning to bed. 
If you have severe abdominal pain just below your ribs on the right hand side then you likely have a stone which has become lodged in the common bile duct.  To correct this situation you have two options… Please use your own best judgement here.  You may be able to clear the stone with massage… press firmly in clockwise direction as though the clock were on your abdomen facing away from you.  You will be able to feel the stone and sweep it up and toward the center line of your body… It will be painful, when the stone clears the pain will lessen immediately. You would then drink another dose of oil and return to bed as you did before.
If however you vomit and clearing the stone is not possible you should proceed to the emergency room, where they will almost certainly prepare you for surgery.  
I really hate to see the gall bladder removed if it is still healthy, there are however cases where the gall bladder has become infected or diseased and needs to be removed.  So please proceed with due caution.  If you are not in pain prior to this cleanse you are likely in good health and should have no troubles adopting this very health restoring practice!
If you have already had your gall bladder removed, this cleanse is highly recommended for you.  The surgery that is performed leaves the common bile duct in place, creating an attachment to the small intestine which quickly forms a pouch that bears a striking resemblance to your former gall bladder!   The thing that is most important to remember is that stones are created in the liver and stored in the gall bladder.  So please take good care of these very important organs.

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