Arnica Montana

A beautiful, daisy like flower known as Arnica Montana (also known as Bruisewort, Leopard’s Bane and Wolf’s Bane) can be made into a salve, oil, or homeopathic pill with incredible healing properties!

Taken internally as a homeopathic bead, or applied topically in a salve or oil, this natural wonder can mitigate bruising and swelling when there has been soft tissue trauma.
It can even help our body to heal a broken bone with greater speed and strength and has been advised after surgery to aid in the natural healing processes of the bodies tissues.
It is used for the treatment of arthritis, burns, ulcers, eczema, and even acne!  It has the incredible properties of being anti- bacterial and anti-inflammatory as well as helping to reduce pain while improving wound healing, making this a must have for any holistic medical cabinet or sports bag!!
Taken as a tincture it can also help to mitigate altitude sickness, which is very helpful information when you are visiting our beautiful mountains!
As always, I wish you wellness and good health!

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