Elysian Touch Healing Arts

Colorado Springs Massage Therapy & Holistic Bodywork

I always feel so relaxed and at peace the moment I walk in there!

– Joanie R.

Deni knows when to be easy and when to use pressure by the way the knots in your back feel and you always walk away feeling much better than when she starts.

– Joanne S.

Deni gives you “Sanctuary” for an hour. You sleep or you relax and when you leave you feel refreshed and renewed.

– K.

I couldn’t get through the week without Denice’s chair massage. Working at a computer and in a stressful job cause the muscles in my neck and shoulders to tighten. The chair massage every Wednesday relaxes those areas and gives me a renewed energy.

– Mary Ann T.

Denice has been a life saver since she began her services at my work place… She is an excellent massage therapist and instantly puts her clients at ease. I look forward to my chair massage every Wednesday and whenever possible I go to her office for a full body massage. Since I have been seeing her once a week, I do not go home with muscle and shoulder tension that builds up over time.

– Judy M.

She is wonderful!!

– Connie G.

Fantastic massage, I was so relaxed and comfortable.  Deni is a great massage therapist – she listens to you where you hurt and will work that area until she releases all the kinks in your back.

– Patricia S.

She was very nice and an extremely competent and knowledgeable massage therapist.

– chris d.

Deni is AWESOME and the detox/reflexology package well worth every penny!!! I will DEFINITELY go back for future treatments (at full price!!)

– courtenay s.

Deni gave me an excellent massage with just the right amount of pressure. I also liked her room, it was big but cozy and soothing. I will definitely go back and will also recommend her to my friends.

– Groupon Review

Great massage, nice atmosphere, very convenient location and parking, Deni is very friendly and professional.

– Groupon Review

It was a very nice experience and I would recommend this facility.

-Groupon Review

Awesome!! Highly recommend. Can’t wait to go back.

– Janet M.

Very informative and professional experience.

– Tira M.

I’d consider myself a pro when it comes to getting massages. There are therapists that are great and those that aren’t. I can confidently say that you will not be disappointed with a visit to Elysian Touch.

– Groupon Review

Strikingly beautiful and peaceful space, excellent massage, easily accessible location with good free parking.

– Paige H.

Excellent service

– Melisa O.


– Leal B.

The massage therapist was very cordial and was very good at what she did. I would not have gone there without the Groupon as I did not know about the business. It is quite a ways from where I live, I may go back even though it is a few miles.

– Groupon Review (from Denver!)